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Come on and join FLG X NJ for a magical, memorable rope obstacle course experience

We create a fun, exciting opportunity to get outside, get into nature, get physical and challenge yourself.  Sometimes we refer to it as “scary fun”.  The rope course can be as high as fifty feet in the air!  If you can make it to the end of the treetop rope course, you can get a free wristband up on the course and that allows you to purchase the exclusive Black Course T-shirt.

We want you to have fun.  We want you to feel safe on the rope and we want you to know that our staff and equipment are exceptional.  The rope course will make you feel challenged, adventurous, excited, confident, and accomplished.

Our vision, every day, for every guest and for every team member is to create a superior, magical, memorable experience.  We want people to say, “When people come here, they feel that there is something magical about this place…and I feel that way too.”

Experience the real thrill with our rope climbing training course tailored for outdoor adventure seekers. Reach out to FLG X NJ and reserve your seat today.

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What we have for adventure lovers

We have both a treetop rope course and a tree top adventure zipline course.  Our tree top rope course is an elevated obstacle course in the beautiful trees of Northern New Jersey and securely suspended between the trees at 15 to 50 feet off the ground.  Some of the features of the rope course include suspended bridges, swings, slides, nets, ziplines, and even an aerial surfboard.

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Fantastic Treetop Rope Climbing Experience Guaranteed

Our treetop rope training courses conducted under the supervision of trained staff and with all the precautionary measures.

We ensure you have a safe and fun experience.  We will gear you up, train you, and you will embark on your own, self-guided rope course adventure.  We are leaders of adventure.  We create a premium experience.

FLG X NJ is the ideal spot for a treetop rope training course adventure in Cap May Zoo and many other parts of the NJ area.  Join FLG X NJ for your next outdoor adventure experience.

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Get out there, and make memories that will last forever!

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