COVID Protocols


2/27/2022 Update:

We currently have no COVID-19 restrictions in place. This could change, but we hope that this is the last status update. Thank You for your cooperation.

Effective 2/27/2022 our COVID PROTOCOL will be:

Face Coverings for all when inside our buildings. Due to the surge in COVID we are doing this to help ensure our guests and staff stay healthy so that we can operate. Thank You for your cooperation

Effective 5/28/2021 our COVID PROTOCOL will be changing to:

Face Coverings for those that are not vaccinated are recommended when indoors and outdoors when unable to be 6′ apart from others.

We want to thank all our guests for working with us through COVID. Thank You!

Effective 5/24/2021 our COVID PROTOCOL will be changing to:

Face Coverings are required for ALL people when INSIDE the Building.

Face Coverings should be used OUTSIDE for all people that are NOT vaccinated and that cannot be more than 6 feet away from unaffiliated people.

“People” means Guests, Staff and Visitors.

Practice proper hand-washing for at least 20 seconds or sanitization with a 60% or more alcohol based solution after each potential contamination.

Reschedule or cancel their reservation if they are feeling ill.


  • RESERVATIONS REQUIRED. Please book with us at No walk-ups are allowed.
  • NO CASH PAYMENTS. Credit and touchless payments only
  • PLEASE ARRIVE BEFORE YOUR DEMONSTRATION TIME- arriving 30 minutes before your demonstration time helps us get everyone started on time.
  • Reservation times will vary and be live online


  • Please print and fill out all guest waivers prior to your visit with us (one waiver will need to be filled out for every participant going up into the trees)
  • Agree to our COVID -19 policies and procedures prior to participating in our course
  • Prioritize good hygiene practices
  • Hand sanitizers will be present around our office and course


Prioritize good hygiene practices.

Stay home if they feel sick.

Hand sanitizers will be available. 

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