COVID Protocols


  • RESERVATIONS REQUIRED. Please book with us at No walk-ups are allowed.
  • NO CASH PAYMENTS. Credit and touchless payments only
  • PLEASE ARRIVE BEFORE YOUR DEMONSTRATION TIME- arriving 30 minutes before your demonstration time helps us get everyone started on time with our COVID-19 sanitization protocols in place.
  • Reservation times will vary and be live online
  • Only 15 guests will be on each demonstration course


  • Please print and fill out all guest waivers prior to your visit with us (one waiver will need to be filled out for every participant going up into the trees)
  • Agree to our COVID -19 policies and procedures prior to participating in our course
  • Wear a mask in designated mask required locations. (Check-in, Harnessing Station, Demonstration)
  • Guests must wear a face mask while in contact with guides
  • Temperature will be checked upon arrival
  • One person allowed on a platform or bridge at a time (Unless part of the same group)
  • Participants on the ground watching must follow the 6-foot social distancing requirements even if they are not participating in the trees
  • Put on harness and gear with the instruction of a guide. Our guides will double-check for safety while using sanitation practices as listed below
  • Prioritize good hygiene practices
  • Hand sanitizers will be present around our office and course


  • Staff must wear a face mask while in contact with guests.
  • Prioritize good hygiene practices.
  • Use hand sanitizer before and after handling gear or in contact with guests.
  • Ensure all gear is only used once per day or sanitized before reuse.
  • Wear full finger gloves while performing lowers and handling guest gear during harnessing, and/or use hand sanitizer before and after harnessing.
  • Sanitize all gear after each use.
  • Stay home if they feel sick.
  • Temperature will be checked upon arrival.
  • Hand sanitizers will be available. 

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