Kids Course Ages 9-11

Adventure Course for Kids 9-11

Flagstaff Extreme’s (FLG X) High Wire Adventure for Kids

Adventure Course for Kids aged 9-11

In order for guests to be able to reach the safety lines and manage their way through the Kids Adventure Course, they must be able to reach the middle of their palms to a height of 5’9″ (180 cm) while keeping their feet flat on the ground.

At FLG X we have multiple large circuits within our park, each containing a mixture of approximately 10-17 different obstacles and ziplines. The obstacles range from rope swings, scrambling walls, hanging nets, wobbly bridges and suspended “surprises”.

All 9-11 year old require and Adult up on the course with them. One adult can accompany up to 3 Kids.

The skill level and height of each circuit are marked using a color-coded system indicating the challenge based on elevation and difficulty. Check-in, safety briefing, demonstration course and the first three Courses can be completed in approximately rwo hours.

GREEN = Minimum Elevation/Minimum Skill

BLUE = Medium Elevation/Medium/Advanced Skill

SILVER = Medium Elevation/Medium to Advanced Skill

After a brief 30-minute training session, you begin on the GREEN course where you get comfortable with the equipment and the rhythm of moving through each element. BLUE is next and the cable ladders and tent elements will really start to test you! After defeating the Blue course you will move on to the SILVER course. Suddenly childhood memories of swinging on ropes and climbing trees comes back to you. Your agility and sense of freedom return and away you go!

As your journey ends at FLG X you leave with a smile, a sense of achievement and memories that live on.

The courses are meant to be used progressively and the cost of admission covers one loop or rotation through the first three courses. At any exit point along the courses, you can descend. A short walk through the forest will take you back to our Welcome Center.


All guests going on the Course must sign a waiver.
Kids 9-11 must be accompanied by an adult on the Course.
In order to use the first three levels of the Course guests are required to be able to reach the palm of their hands to a height of 5’9″ (175 cm) while keeping their feet flat on the ground.
You must remain attached to a cable at all times!
You must observe all rules and safety instructions at all times.
You will be trained in the use of FLG X Adventure Course’s equipment and must demonstrate the ability to use the equipment before progressing beyond the training area.
Our patrollers are empowered to immediately, without warning, exclude a participant from the course, without a refund, for safety infractions.
Notify a patroller immediately if you observe any unnecessary risk to anyone on the course.

We highly recommend making a reservation in order to ensure the places and times that you want on the course.

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