Adult Adventure Course

Adult Adventure Course

At FLG X we have multiple large circuits within our Adult course, each containing a mixture of approximately 10 – 19 different obstacles and zip lines. The obstacles range from rope swings, scrambling walls, hanging nets, wobbly bridges and suspended “surprises”.

In order for guests to be able to reach the safety lines and manage their way through the Adventure Course, they must be able to reach the middle of their palms to a height of 5’11″ (180 cm) while keeping their feet flat on the ground. To participate on the first 3 courses (for Kids 9-11) the reach requirement is 5’9″.

For VIDEO of what the experience is like please click HERE for our YouTube Channel!

Color coded system

The skill level and height of each circuit are marked using a color-coded system indicating the challenge based on elevation and difficulty.

GREEN > Minimum Elevation/Minimum Skill

BLUE > Medium Elevation/Medium Skill

SILVER > Medium Elevation/Medium/Advanced Skill

RED > Advanced Elevation/Advanced Skill

BLACK > Advanced Elevation/Advanced Skill

After a training session, find your rhythm on Green and then move to Blue

Check-in, safety briefing, demonstration course and all our Adult Courses can be completed in approximately three hours.

After a brief 30 minute training session, you begin on the GREEN course where you get comfortable with the equipment and the rhythm of moving through each element.

BLUE is next and the cable ladders and tent elements will really start to test you!

After defeating the Blue course you will move on to the SILVER course.

Suddenly childhood memories of swinging on ropes and climbing trees comes back to you. Your agility and sense of freedom return and away you go!

Up further into the trees you head on the RED course.

Climbing higher into the trees, try not to let your emotions get the best of you. Balance comes into play when crossing wobbly bridges and swinging surprises.

You’re feeling confident now, you have defeated the first three courses and can’t help laughing out loud as you zip through the forest or watch your friend try to walk gracefully across a moving obstacle.

Now it’s time for the ultimate in focus and fitness: the BLACK course.

Before you set off, your senses take in the natural beauty and harmony of your surroundings. You climb up even further into the tree canopy discovering that your movements are even more fluid than before.

You leave feeling fabulous and there are exit points all the way through

As your journey ends at FLG X you leave with a smile, a sense of achievement and memories that live on.

The courses are meant to be used progressively and the cost of admission covers one loop or rotation through the Adult courses.

At any exit point along the courses, you can descend. Walking paths will take you back to the guest services and welcome center.

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Get out there, and make memories that will last forever!

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