FLG X NJ Aerial Adventure Park

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Northern NJ treetop obstacle course and zip lining adventure

We have created the ideal treescape aerial adventure park in a beautiful northern New Jersey (NJ) forest and the opportunity for your unique experience.

We want to challenge you. We want you to have fun.  The competitive spirit is ingrained in our culture.  You will test yourself on aerial ropes and push yourself against tree obstacles and when you are done with the aerial adventure park, you will say “I just did something I didn’t think I could do.”

We are committed to making this a superior, magical memorable moment.  Our staff is well trained and are the best in the world.  The equipment is also the best in class.

Up for a thrilling and outstanding outdoor adventure? Reserve a place for yourself, family, and or friends with FLG X NJ today.

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What do we offer

Our aerial adventure park includes a treetop adventure course and a zip line course.  The adventure course includes five separate segments, green, blue, silver, red, and black.  Each segment includes 10 to 20 obstacles.

The zip line course includes over 30 exhilarating zip lines, all suspended 15 to 20 feet high into the forest canopy.  We design, build and operate these obstacle courses in trees.  We are experts.  We are passionate about this stuff and believe our aerial adventure park obstacle courses to be the best in the world.

We create a fun, exciting opportunity to get outside, get into nature, get physical and challenge yourself.  Sometimes we refer to it as “scary fun”.  The aerial adventure course can be as high as fifty feet in the air!  If you can make it to the end of the rope course, you can get a free wristband up on the course and that allows you to purchase the exclusive Black Course T-shirt.  Book your adventure now with FLG X NJ and see if you can get all the way through the Black course!

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