About FLG X New Jersey

Our Mission

FLG X New Jersey provides a safe, fun, physical and unique outdoor experience in the trees. FLG X challenges guests to push their limits and overcome their fears in a supportive environment. Through shared experience FLG X creates an opportunity to build relationships with friends and family and to leave feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Our Vision

FLG X is the activity of choice for tourists (in state and out of state) and residents of New Jersey. We actively work with local businesses to cross-promote each other and contribute to the local economy and New Jersey’s tourism industry as a whole.

Our Tagline

Play in the Trees!

Our Values


Our primary concern is that of safety. We endeavor to create a safe environment by giving guests the knowledge and equipment needed to succeed.


Families, friends and co-workers are challenged by overcoming fear and experiencing new adventures through shared experience strengthening their bonds and teamwork.


We honor our guests’ willingness to tackle internal obstacles and overcome fears.


Through proper communication between guest and staff, we strive to instill faith in the equipment and staff to keep participants safe.


FLG X promotes sportsmanship among our guests by encouraging them to accept their limits and the limits of others.

Environmental Consciousness

We strive to leave a small footprint in all we do. We work to preserve the trees, the forest floor and to eventually leave the forest in a better state than when we started.

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